A writer’s struggle to find those 1027 words

I was walking down that street and there she was at the corner of the street, my muse, my inspiration. I had to write her down; I had to put her on paper. Else she would fly away. She would vanish without a hint. I had to follow her, to her hiding place. I went behind her; she was crossing blocks, going over bridges and going in circles all around.

She went past my house a few times and then finally she entered my house. I followed her to my own apartment. She was searching for something and I was quietly watching everything unfold, right before my eyes. My eyes would not lie or would they? She was right there. I was searching for her my whole life. She had been eluding me like the angels of the sky that fly right past me on a starry night. A snowy breeze was flowing through the room and through her hair. Her golden curly hair, that fluttered like the rustling leaves outside. I had to feel that hair. I had to go near her.

But as I tried to rise my foot and set it back on the ground, my leg became so heavy, I could not move. Am I dreaming or is this all for real? The whole thing looked a bit hazy to me. I somehow
managed to get my right foot of the ground and step inside the room that she was in. As I step foot there, the old rusted wood made a creaking noise. She turned back. She was looking at me. There she was, staring right into my eye. She was all that I ever wanted. The grace of the swan that bathed in the clear morning waters of the mountains. The eyes that dazzled anyone that looked into them. They were so deep I wanted jump into them swim through their mysterious, wondrous, lakes and lagoons. They had a lot to tell. A lot of stories to offer. My lips were trembling. I was trying to get some words out of my mouth. I whispered “who are you?”

She looked back at me while whispering “come, come along with me”.

Then we rose into the air and the whole place was filled with something similar to fairy dust. We had just risen up. But I was feeling like I was already close to heaven. Now she offered me her
hand. Her hand was as tender as the petal of a flower that just bloomed a second ago. Her skin complexion was as pink as a baby rose but combined with a divine glow.

As we rose higher, I was able to see that the houses below me have turned into streets and those streets into bigger blocks. Slowly, but finally they just became a beautiful painting with all the nature that surrounded them. They were a painting on the canvas of the Earth. As I rose higher I was able to see that they turned into pieces of a puzzle that is the Earth. They were all trying to fit in with each other, fighting for the limited space that is available to them. I rose a little higher and everything all around me was just empty. It was blank. There was nothing. She vanished. Just like that. It was as if she took me all the way up here, just to play a cruel practical joke with me. I was feeling sad and lonely. But I decided to pursue her. I decided to speak with
silence, my good friend that helped me get through with my day, whenever someone insulted me or when I wanted nothing but peace.

Talking of Nothing, he was my good friend too. So I tried to talk with him. I asked him where I could find the angel that brought me up here. He did not say anything. He was spending some quality time with my other friend silence. I was as lonely as a tree in autumn. Without the leaves that kept me company and without the green that gave me beauty. I tried to look down. I was
trying to go back. But I was already so high up, that I could not even vanquish the thought of going down. But as I was struggling with all this and was becoming frustrated and nauseated, a cool wind blew over my face. Could that be her? Was I closer to completion?

I was floating as it is. So, I tried to move in the direction that the wind came from. As I was pushing my body and swimming through the emptiness, I saw just a little bit above me,  this wonderful smelling tree root. I tried to grab that. As I grabbed that the fragrance filled my body. I felt rejuvenated. I climbed up onto the tree. There she was. Trying to smell a flower that just bloomed on the tree. I wanted to shout at her. Scream at her for leaving me alone. But as soon as she turned towards me and looked at me, I became calm. Something told me that she wanted to tell me something. I looked longingly into her eyes. I was begging her with my eyes to talk to me.

She came closer to me. I did not flinch. She came even closer to me. I did not move back. Rather, I extended my arms as if I was trying to hug her. She opened her arms as well. This moment was meant to be. We were meant to be. We hugged each other. The romance in the air smelled like the pollen that just flew over from a lavender flower. She whispered “I thought I had lost you.”

I asked her at that moment, collecting all the courage that I could, still hugging her “what were you searching for in my house?

She was now fully in tears. I could feel her tear drop that felt like a molten pearl, drop from her cheek onto my back. She told me I was searching for your heart, as that is the place that I was
meant to be.

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