7 reasons why using weights at the gym is a better choice than cardio

1. Double Bonanza
Cardio is not the preferred choice of working out when it comes to the best athletes and bodybuilders. They prefer Strength training with weights because unlike cardio that only cuts down on the fat, working with weights gives them the double benefit of reducing fat while replacing it with much needed lean muscle.

2. Better use of Gym time
People that travel a long distance to go to their fitness center are at particular disadvantage with this. When you travel for more than 10 miles and reach your gymnasium and all that you do is run on the treadmill, it is not a very economic use of your leisure time because you could as well be walking from your house to your favorite gym instead of using a treadmill. It is wise to use that time to hit the weights and put on some muscle.

3. Better body
Now, who does not want a body like Channing Tatum or Hugh Jackman? Although not all of us are blessed with the right kind of genes for the task, we could turn the disadvantage into an advantage by using weights. Weights help you buff up and look lean all at the same time. Sometimes dreams do come true!

4. Become Einstein!
Studies have shown that doing the same activity over and over again makes us dumb and cardio fits the bill. These studies also suggest that variety makes us smarter. With weights you have a lot of variety and a lot of body movement. So, now you can unleash your inner geek and become smarter than ever while doing those upper body weight routines. Who doesn’t like a beauty with brains or a handsome hunk whose upper compartment is not empty?

5. More Satisfying
When you use weights, you feel more satisfied as it is a lot of hard work and you are accomplishing it with ease. This would help you hit the gym more often instead of never visiting your fitness center after buying 6 months of the membership convinced by the friendly Janice at the front desk. I should stop bringing my personal life into this.

6. Less Cravings
When you do cardio your body loses some much needed electrolytes and that leads to headaches and cravings in the middle of the night. Not that it does not happen with weight training but it happens at a much slower rate. This helps cut down on those cookies that you have been eating in the middle of the night.

7. Better Digestion
As cardio does not involve a lot of body movements or none at all, your body stays in the same metabolic zone. Better metabolism equals better digestion. Training with weights involves a lot of body movements and shocks the body and forces it to up the rate of your metabolic activity. That equals no more stomach aches and no more accidents after eating that whole bag of Twinkies that you hid under your bed.

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